The War of Horrors

The Ruined Tower

Meet our heroes, circa 20 Olarune 994 YK.

Our story begins on 20 Olarune 994 YK, during the frenzied peak of The Last War. A small unit of soldiers embarked on a rescue mission near Saerun Road, just south of the Brey River. Their commanding officer, Lord Major Bren ir’Gadden, had been taken hostage by Cyran forces. Bren’s aide, Aric Blacktree, also went missing with him. Bound by duty and friendship, the stalwart unit risked their lives to enter the field of battle and save their commander.

The unit consisted of six highly-skilled recruits:

Together, they managed to track, interrogate and deduce their way to the kidnappers’ lair — a ruined tower overlooking the battlefield. Although they entered cautiously, a pack of hatchling kruthiks attacked them on sight. Worse still, the kruthiks seemed to serve a pair of formidable dolgrims. A pitched battle ensued both outside and inside the tower.

Combat raged between the opposing forces for some time. Partway through the melee, the group spied something unusual inside the tower: a Draconic Prophecy Mark. The mark radiated from deep below the tower in an eerie, circular pattern that pierced stone like a pane of glass. Within the mark, Aric Blacktree languished in a stupor, chained to the wall by his sadistic captors.

When only one bloodied, beleaguered dolgrim remained, it retreated to the Prophecy Mark and threatened Aric’s life if the unit didn’t retreat. The group refused, but Bren called out from an unseen corner with strict orders to leave. Nonetheless, the party remained undeterred… even when the dolgrim shot an arrow through Aric’s arm.

Jak made clever use of his combat skills, and the dolgrim met a gruesome end inside the Prophecy Mark. Aric survived, although his prolonged exposure to the mark left his wits addled. Quickly, the group freed their commanding officer and his aid, then settled in to lick their wounds.

As the group studied the Prophecy Mark, its message resonated in their minds:

Seven at the brink of desolation stand as one against the tempest’s roar.

Experience earned:

  • 598 XP total (99 XP per player)

Equipment gained:

  • Light shield x 2
  • Club x 2
  • Crossbow x 2
  • Crossbow Bolts x 35
  • Manacle key x 1



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