Daelkyr Censer

An unwholesome artifact which emits a strange fog.


This is a daelkyr artifact of some sort. The party wasn’t able to ascertain much about its function during their cursory examination, save that the fog it emits contains “streamers,” which attach themselves to living beings.


During their foray into the caverns beneath the Black Spire, the party encountered a strange censer. Odd, organic patterns resembling tentacles and insect parts adorned its exterior, and a thick, shiny ichor had accumulated on its surfaces. Something inside the vessel emitted a voluminous, oddly-scented fog which not only permeated the cavern, but also a considerable portion of the Great Black Salt Marsh. The miasma bore an unearthly, blue-green hue, and smelled like a combination of rotting leaves and ammonia.

The party lashed some makeshift bindings around the ghoulish container, hoping to stanch the flow of fog. Something inside the device responded with an ear-piercing shriek, as if it craved release from the thick bedroll smothering its home. Horrified, the party hastily departed for the cavern’s depths, leaving the crudely-bound device to rock back-and-forth in frustration.

Daelkyr Censer

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