Vitality Infuser

A vicious syringe meant to revive Skoulos.


This device is useless to anyone who doesn’t carry daelkyr blood in their veins. Those that do can plunge the needle into their chest to extract their vital fluids over three rounds, then inject that essence into Skoulos’ sarcophagus-casing to revive him. Inserting or reinserting the needle causes 1d10 damage. The subject cannot move or take offensive action during the extraction procedure. (There’s a bloody great needle in their chest, and moving will either dislodge it or inflict internal injuries.)

Injecting a non-daelkyr subject with the extracted essence transforms the victim into an aberrant version of their former self. This transformation is irreversible.


Skoulos planned his return long before he went to slumber in an ootheca-like sarcophagus of his own devising. He created a device he called the “vitality infuser,” which could concentrate the diffuse daelkyr essence found in his descendants into a powerful restorative injection. This substance, once delivered to his hibernation chamber, would simultaneously wake him and regenerate his vitality. The plan worked, but oddly not in the way he intended.

Malikai used the infuser during an attempt to revive the half-daelkyr archmage. Through teamwork and careful strategy, a party of adventurers was able to kill Malikai before he could use the device for its intended purpose. But when Skoulos’ would-be champion fell, another — Ket Ahman — rose to take his place. Ket had bonded with a daelkyr symbiont that, little by little, compromised his judgment and motivations. At that moment, the symbiont twisted Ket’s mind enough to pick up the partially-filled infuser and thrust it into the ootheca.

The vial didn’t contain enough of Malikai’s essence to fully restore Skoulos, but it certainly woke him. Horrified, the surviving party members collapsed the cavern on Skoulos and beat a hasty retreat. Skoulos is presumed dead, but none have braved the rubble to verify this assumption.

Vitality Infuser

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