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  • The Last War

    The Last War

    Historical Event

    The Last War was a century-long conflict between the Five Nations of Galifar, namely [[Aundair]], [[Breland]], [[Cyre]], [[Karrnath]] and [[Thrane]]. It began when King Jarot of Galifar died and his …

  • Battle of Saerun Road

    The Battle of Saerun Road was a conflict fought on 20 Olarune, 994 YK on the border between [[Cyre]] and [[Breland]]. It culminated in the [[Day of Mourning]], a catastrophe which decimated both Cyre and the armies at its border.

  • Cyre

    Cyre was a nation situated in the southeast part of [[Khorvaire]]. Their ruler, Mishann, was next in the line of succession when King Jarot ir'Wynarn died. She was denied the throne when her siblings refused her claim, which sparked [[The Last War]]. Cyre …

  • Day of Mourning

    The Day of Mourning is a mysterious event which destroyed the nation of [[Cyre]]. Only a handful of Cyran survivors escaped the disaster, and their former homeland now resides within a dense, life-sapping miasma known as the [[Dead Gray Mist]]. Although …