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  • Punjar

    !(media-item-align-center)//db4sgowjqfwig.cloudfront.net/assets/281822/Punjar.jpg?1389310586(Punjar.jpg)! Throughout the [[Shadow Marches]], no city is half so notorious or depraved as Punjar. Blackened by fire, soiled by pestilence and scarred by war, …

  • Black Spire


    An ancient, black tower crafted from basalt in the [[Shadow Marches]], just south of [[Punjar]]. The spire once served as [[Skoulos …

  • Rat Catcher's Row

    !(media-item-align-center)//db4sgowjqfwig.cloudfront.net/assets/281821/rat_catchers_row.png?1389310448(rat_catchers_row.png)! A poverty-stricken district inside [[Punjar | Punjar]], best known for its preternaturally large rat population.

  • Temple District

    !(media-item-align-center)//db4sgowjqfwig.cloudfront.net/assets/281827/templedistrict.png?1389312450(templedistrict.png)! The district within [[Punjar | Punjar]] which contains all the city's churches and temples, including those of the [[Sovereign …