Aric Blacktree


Aric Blacktree

Human Mage

Aric Blacktree served as aide to Lord Major Bren ir’Gadden during Last War. Both he and the Lord Major were abducted by enemy forces during the Battle of Saerun Road, ostensibly for interrogation and intelligence purposes. During their captivity, Aric was shackled to a wall and repeatedly exposed to a Prophecy Mark as a form of experimental torture.

The Lord Major’s superiors viewed his recovery as an imperative, so they dispatched a strategic unit of ir’Gadden’s subordinates on a rescue mission. A combination of skillful tracking and enemy interrogation eventually led the team to a ruined tower near Saerun Road. There they found both the Lord Major and Aric, guarded by kruthiks and dolgrims.

Eventually, the monsters fell to the rescuers’ might, but not before a single, desperate dolgrim held Blacktree hostage as a bargaining chip. The team refused to back down when threatened, so the brute put an arrow through Aric’s arm to intimidate them. It didn’t work. Jak, the team’s minotaur warden, pulled the dolgrim into the Prophecy Mark, where it met a horrible and well-deserved end.

The group cautiously extracted Aric from his restraints, but the aide showed signs of serious mental trauma — both from the mark’s influence and his experience as a hostage.

Aric Blacktree

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