Bren ir’Gadden

Half-Elf Soldier and Noble

Lord Major Bren ir’Gadden served King Boranel ir’Wynarn during the Last War. Bren, as both royalty and a high-ranking officer, was privy to extremely sensitive information during the conflict, which made him an enticing target for enemy agents. Consequently, during the Battle of Saerun Road, enemy forces abducted both him and his aide, Aric Blacktree.

The Lord Major’s superiors viewed his recovery as an urgent imperative. They dispatched a small, strategic unit of ir’Gadden’s subordinates to handle the task, as a larger team would have undoubtedly been intercepted on the battlefield. A combination of skillful tracking and enemy interrogation eventually led the team to a ruined tower near Saerun Road. There they found ir’Gadden and his aid chained to the wall, guarded by both kruthiks and dolgrims.


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