Daelkyr Insectoid


Insectoids are the horrific victims of daelkyr fleshcrafting. Two or three humanoid subjects are placed inside an alcove, typically made of stone, and then sealed behind a tough, semi-translucent membrane. This membrane acts like an egg casing, holding the unfortunates inside until their metamorphosis is complete.

As the subjects mature, they enter into a gruesome contest for survival. The first to awaken typically cannibalizes the others for sustenance. Once that food supply is exhausted, the remaining insectoid breaks free from its prison to seek out more.

Their tough carapaces and fearsome claws make insectoids both excellent guards and fearsome soldiers. Ravenous appetites keep them on the battlefield when lesser troops would flee. Few face these fearsome aberrations and live to tell the tale.

Insectoids show little intelligence or initiative of their own, but that’s one of the things their masters prize about them, as it allows the daelkyr to psychically dominate them. Disobedience and desertion are never an issue within the insectoid ranks; there is literally not one thought in their heads that the daelkyr haven’t placed there.

Daelkyr Insectoid

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