Lil Paw


Lil’ Paw is a gnome druid who served with the party during The Last War. He sustained a head injury at the unit’s final battle during the Day of Mourning, and he languished as a near-invalid for two years after that. The party cared for him as best they could, but one night, after returning from an evening of gambling and drinking, the group brought home a strange clay statue. It broke open while everyone slept, and a daelkyr parasite slithered free into Lil’s Paw’s mouth.

The gnome subsequently underwent a horrific transformation. His eyes turned black with golden, reptilian pupils. His flesh broke out in patches of black scales. His hands gnarled into claws. Most horrifying of all, he could spit blue-green ichor loaded with tiny, parasitic worms.

While the party searches for a cure, Lil’ Paw remains restrained and gagged at the Temple of the Sovereign Host in Punjar under Father Theodorus’ care, both for the gnome’s safety and the city’s.

Lil Paw

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