Daelkyr Idol

An unsettling work of abstract art... or is it a life study?


Each daelkyr idol contains a parasite which immediately seeks out a humanoid host upon release. Once the parasite enters a host, it transforms the victim into a plague carrier. Although each plague carrier displays slightly different physical characteristics, they all spit/excrete/exude a sickly blue-green ichor loaded with tiny, black worms that can infect others.


clay_idol_full.png Ket Ahman won an unsavory clay idol with both humanoid female and aquatic traits in a card game. Normally, he might have wisely avoided the repugnant thing, but the idol also contained a large ruby in its face. He grudgingly accepted the unwholesome thing after winning the game, then carried it home at the end of his evening.

Later in the night, when the party was sleeping in their flophouse apartment, the idol broke open and released a daelkyr parasite. The parasite infested Lil Paw and rapidly transformed him into an abomination. After rushing Paw to the Church of the Sovereign Host, the head cleric informed the party that the idol was a relic from the Daelkyr War.

More idols of a similar nature have been found around Punjar since Paw was infected. If the trend continues, the city might become the flashpoint for a planet-wide epidemic.

Daelkyr Idol

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