Tyrant (Daelkyr Symbiont Shortsword)

A symbiotic weapon from a bygone era of evil.

weapon (melee)


  • +1 to hit and damage
  • Critical hits deal an additional 1d6 necrotic damage.


Leechstrike (Necrotic) Daily (Free Action)
Use this power when you hit with the weapon. The target takes ongoing 5 necrotic damage (save ends). Saves made to end this effect take a -2 penalty.

Parasitic Regeneration (Necrotic) Immediate Reaction (Free Action)
The player may choose to use a healing surge whenever Tyrant deals necrotic damage.

Tyrant has a powerful, alien ego, and it is constantly in telepathic contact with its host. It may, at times, attempt to persuade — or force — its host to do things against their will. The host may resist with a successful Will check (DC variable, depending on the circumstances), but that won’t prevent the sword from continuing to cajole, threaten and berate the host psychically.

The blade’s hilt is lined with fine, writhing fibers which embed themselves into the host’s palm on contact, which directly links the host’s anatomy to the living blade. These fibers also prevent the wielder from being disarmed by fumbles or enemy abilities. Severing the host’s hand, however, will quite effectively disarm them all the same.

In order for the blade to continue functioning, it requires its host to sacrifice one healing surge daily to “feed” it. If the host fails to feed the blade, its powers cease to function — but not its consciousness. Additionally, Tyrant’s host must remain in physical contact with the blade at all times as it is part of the host’s anatomy. (The weapon’s wielder grows a marsupial-style pouch on their back, which acts as a scabbard.) Attempting to discard the weapon is about as easy for the host as discarding a limb or an organ.

If the host tries to abandon the blade or separate it from their person, they feel an immediate compulsion to stop what they’re doing and reunite with it. If the weapon is destroyed, it slowly regrows inside the host’s scabbard-pouch over the course of a week. If the host dies, the blade dies with them and rots away.

Tyrant is currently a level four weapon, but as its host gains levels, the blade adapts and grows with them.


During a foray into the Shadow Marches near Punjar, Ket Ahman discovered a small coffer made from living, organic material. Its texture and color resembled cockroach chitin, and its muscular hinge reminded him of an oyster. After examining the object thoroughly, he discovered that the strongbox’s ridges concealed tiny bristles. Acting on a hunch, Ket cut his finger and rubbed blood into the bristles, which surged to life on contact.

The casket opened, revealing an oyster-like interior of red, velvety flesh and a pale, maggot-like blob in the center. Ket reached out for it, mesmerized, and wrapped his hand around the repulsive, fleshy mass. It flowed and grew, changing shape as a voice resonated in the ranger’s head.

What would you have me be?

As Ket pondered the question, the image of a shortsword coalesced in his mind’s eye. The blob followed suit and shaped itself into a dark parody of his imagination. It transformed into black, barbed blade with cruel points and a grip lined with the same bristles found in the coffer’s ridges.

My name is Tyrant, the weapon announced psychically. Ket knew at once that he’d found a daelkyr symbiont. He and the blade were bound together forevermore, and nobody could ever steal the weapon from him, no matter how much he might later regret his bold decision to accept it….

Tyrant (Daelkyr Symbiont Shortsword)

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